Simply Injectable.
Reliably Enduring.

Our goal with Coolio™ is to deliver a quantum leap in pain control.

Coolio™ therapy is a simple injection that is intended to result in long lasting desensitization of pain in a targeted area. Animal models have demonstrated that reduction in pain can potentially last up to 60 days.

Icing Out the Pain

With one injection, relief can be highly targeted and solve the problem of pain, simply.

“Coolio's™ enduring pain control has the potential to last up to 10x longer than current methods of local anesthesia”
-Sameer Sabir, CEO, Brixton Biosciences

Academic Research Demonstrates Proof of Concept for Long-Lasting, Reversible Pain

The Treatment Can Be Targeted
Injectable Neural Ice™ demonstrated tissue selectivity for peripheral nerves in a rat sciatic nerve model.

The Injections are Long-Lasting
Selective Neural Ice™ cryoneurolysis demonstrated long-lasting, reduced mechanical pain sensitivity in a rat sciatic nerve model.