Simply Injectable.
Reliably Enduring.

Our goal with Neural Ice™ is to deliver a quantum leap in pain control.

Neural Ice™ therapy is a simple injection that is intended to result in long lasting desensitization of pain in a targeted area. Animal models have demonstrated that reduction in pain can potentially last 3 months or more.

Icing Out the Pain

With one injection, relief can be highly targeted and solve the problem of pain, simply.

“Neural Ice's™ enduring pain control has the potential to last orders of magnitude longer than current methods of local anesthesia”
-Sameer Sabir, CEO, Brixton Biosciences

Academic Research Demonstrates Proof of Concept for Long-Lasting, Reversible Pain

The Treatment Can Be Targeted
Injectable Neural Ice™ demonstrated tissue selectivity for peripheral nerves in a rat sciatic nerve model.

The Injections are Long-Lasting
Selective Neural Ice™ cryoneurolysis demonstrated long-lasting, reduced mechanical pain sensitivity in a rat sciatic nerve model.