Our Purpose is to Transform the Patient's Experience with Pain.

Neural Ice therapy will put pain on ice with a simple injection that is intended to induce a reversible inhibition of the nerve and provide pain relief that lasts exponentially longer than the current methods.

When Pain Causes More Pain

Pain, quite simply, is a pain. It can mean complicated procedures to control it, disruption of the patient’s daily life and impairment of psychological well being. Pain can hinder recovery from surgery and lead to a devastating dependence on opioids. We call this the pain of pain.

Liberating the Patient from the Pain of Pain

Despite being one the most fundamental of human ailments, progress in managing pain has been stagnant. After thousand of years the mainstays of pain management are still short acting anesthetics and addictive opioids.

This is about to change with Brixton’s Neural Ice™ Therapy

Neural Ice™ Could Prevent:

Opioid Prescriptions
Addiction Disorders
Deaths in the U.S. and many more globally
In substance abuse and care costs
Neural Ice™ has the potential to redefine the duration of pain control. Imagine being pain free for 3 months or more with a simple injection.
Sameer Sabir, CEO, Brixton Biosciences